Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Farmer Prince

Originally uploaded by Nitin Karani.
The coming out of Manavendra Singh Gohil as a gay man--the only Indian royal to do so--has caused quite a stir in Gujarat (with news travelling as far as London), within the circles of the erstwhile princely families, and specifically in his native Rajpipla.
My friend Vivek Raj Anand has written a wonderful piece on Manav (as we call him) that can be read on the Gay_Bombay Yahoo! list.
Manav's life would make a wonderful subject for a film and a documentary may be in the works already.


Out In India said...

I am surprised that the Prince's story received not many comments on the regular mailing lists. It provides great inspiration for the rest of us. Only a person with great determination and guts could have done what he did.

Prince Manavendra, you are my Prince Charming! Wish you success in everything you do.


Anonymous said...

hey you also look like a prince, a very charming one at that. What do you rule on? Where is your princley state?

Sanjay N Lulla said...

hun prince you? never mind!! Hey the coming out of Prince Manavendra is very heartning as it could serve as an example to us commoners and encourage a lot of people to come out of the closet. One question to ponder upon is, is it difficult to come out to myself or to others? What is simpler? Can you give your take on this? Not as an comment/reply to this but as an complete post :)

Sanjay N

ramo said...

Wow, what a sexy prince! Thanks to Nitin for the pic. Damn I am not a royal close to him!

Primus said...

I just discover this amazing story of this Prince.I like his courage and this act can help gays in India to "coming out". And i like too this participation in the gay community in India (HIV/AIDS prevention, Gay situation, etc...).
At least, the Prince is pretty cute.

Primus from France :o)