Sunday, June 05, 2005

Main aisa kyon hoon? Ami jani na!

While the New York Times reported on genes and sexual orientation (log on to the Bombay Dost Yahoo group if you don't have a NYT subscription and read the story pasted in this message), I found a Mumbai-based blogger's entry (thanks to a comment by BomGay) quoting a Hindi dictionary which defines a 'gandu' as someone addicted to getting fucked in the arse (or to quote "being sodomized"). I was surfing the blog and came across another entry that asks whether the Bengali phrase "alur dosh" ("fault of the testicles"?) has a homosexual connotation/gay community slang, among others. Perhaps our Kolkata friends will enlighten us. :-)


VJ said...

Hello Nitin, I remember the website named Bombay-dost. These days it doesnt exist. Can you let us know what has happened to that site?

Even the link you have provided doesnt connect me with that website!

Chez said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi Nitin,
No updates on the blog, no mails, and not seen u online since quite some time. Hope, everything is fine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitin,
I'm a Bengali and can tell you that the term "alur dosh" is not used in gay circles and is typically used for a womaniser. when we used to be in the college, we termed some professors as having "alur dosh".
and your blog rocks!