Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The most important tool

"[B]eing open about our lives is the most important and powerful form of activism at our disposal. Lecturing our friends and family about gay marriage isn't nearly so important as letting them see that our relationships are as important and integral to us as theirs are to them. If we do not treat our relationships as equal, how can we ever expect others to do the same? 'Coming out' isn't a one-step conversation; it's a lifelong commitment. And it isn't just about activism and civil rights. It's about living your life with integrity and honesty and, to use an overused word, it's about pride."
--Washington Blade Executive Editor Chris Crain in a Jan. 7 editorial.


jalaj said...

Hi Nitin

Just read your posts and its great to see an Indian Gay blog. A big thank you for the comments on my blog and i hope you keep visiting . I will keep visitng your blog of course ;)

Jalaj Vaivaswat

EGO Magazine said...
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